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Important Information Regarding Total Hip Arthroplasty

Some of you may be searching for answers as a result of the recent media reports about metal on metal hip resurfacing.

The surgeons of Hope Orthopedics of Oregon are aware of these reports and are fully committed to sharing credible information as it becomes available. The patients who undergo hip replacement and resurfacing continue to be some of our most inspiring success stories.

With that said; if you've had a hip replaced, (regardless of the model of the implant) and you experience unexplained pain, swelling, or the onset of a limp, it could be associated with the failure of a hip implant, including a metal on metal resurfaced hip. These, or any other new symptoms occurring around a previously pain-free joint should alert you to contact your orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation.

In order to give our patients reliable information and peace of mind, we have provided links to two of the most credible resources for orthopedic medicine.