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Imaging Department
The Hope Orthopedics of Oregon imaging department uses the latest equipment to diagnose orthopedic problems and assess bone health. State-of-the-art digital X-raysand MRI technology represent the most effective tools available for achieving accurate and timely diagnoses.

Our imaging technologists are certified by the American College of Radiology as are the radiologists who read and interpret MRI results.

Convenient; Same-Day Results

Our on-site imaging department eliminates the need to make a separate appointment, or travel to another location, for studies. At Hope Orthopedics of Oregon, it’s possible to have your X-rays and see your doctor in the same day.

And there’s no need to wait long for results either. Digital images are sent directly to your Hope Orthopedics of Oregon physician, the interpreting radiologist or Salem Hospital as soon as your test is complete.

(Because MRIs require interpretation by a radiologist, results are available in 24 to 48 hours.)

If you need a copy of your images for a physician who is not with Hope Orthopedics of Oregon just ask. We’ll be happy to burn them onto a free CD for you to take with you.

MRI Without the Anxiety

Hope uses the latest “Short Bore” MRI technology, which is less confining and more comfortable than traditional MRI. In fact, our entire MRI suite has been designed to make exams less cause for anxiety.

Beyond enhanced comfort, our MRI technology has higher field strength to capture more detail with shorter scan times than traditional MRI. Patients spend less time in our MRI suite, and their doctors get better images.

If you are not a patient at Hope Orthopedics of Oregon you can still have an MRI in our office. Simply have your doctor fax the order to 503-540-6399

Download Imaging Referral Form.

X-Rays in Comfort

Our X-ray technology allows patients to sit or stand while images are taken from many angles. This almost always eliminates the need for hospital gowns and repeated repositioning on the table. Digital technology allows for much faster, more comfortable exams, while producing higher-quality images to aid your doctor’s diagnosis.