A full spectrum of orthopedic care; a history of caring.
Our Story

In 2004, 12 physicians representing five Salem orthopedic groups began considering a merger as a way to more cost-effectively, conveniently and comprehensively serve their patients.

Those physicians were driven by the common desire to offer their patients more convenient access to a greater range of services in order to enhance their treatment and recovery. The cost of offering physical therapy, state-of-the-art imaging services and other technological advances had prohibited any of the independent groups from offering them on their own. But as one organization they could bring together in one convenient location all the services and technology they needed to optimize the patient-care experience.

Two years later the physicians opened what was originally called Willamette Orthopedic Group. In 2009 that name was changed to Hope Orthopedics of Oregon, a more appropriate representation of the organization’s mission and service area.

Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic opens.
Orthopedic Associates opens.
Dr. Jerry Becker Joins Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic.
Medical Center Drive opens
Oak Street Orthopedic Offices opens

Dr. Harold Boyd joins Orthopedic Associates

Dr. John Stevens joins Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic
Dr. Robert Zirschky joins Oak Street Orthopedic Offices
Dr. Richard Tobin joins Orthopedic Associates

Dr. John Ballard joins Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic
Dr. Mark Foglesong joins Orthopedic Associates
Dr. Dan Sewell joins Medical Center Drive office which later becomes Western Orthopedic & Sports Medicine
Five Salem Orthopedic offices merge and become Willamette Orthopedic Group.

Willamette Orthopedic Group office opens at 1600 State St.
Services include:
Dr. Robert Fan arrives from Santa Barbara, California to join Willamette Orthopedic Group

Dr. John Coen arrives from Plano, Texas to join Willamette Orthopedic Group
Name changes to Hope Orthopedics of Oregon.

Dr. David Pressman arrives from Washington, DC to join Hope.

Dr. Jeffery Knight arrives from San Antonio, Texas to join Hope.
Dr. Monica Zilkoski arrives from Seattle, Washington to join Hope.
Dr. Sudeep Taksali arrives from Orange County, California to join Hope.

Dr.Stephen Yao arrives from Salem, Oregon to join Hope.

Dr. Kelly McCormick arrives from Memphis, Tennessee to join Hope.

Dr. Mark Dolan arrives from Chicago, Illinois to join Hope.