A full spectrum of orthopedic care; a history of caring.
Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioner
Our physician assistants and nurse practitioner are essential members of the Hope Orthopedics of Oregon care team. They are non-physician healthcare professionals with advanced education and training to provide you with high-quality care in partnership with our surgeons. Having these skilled professionals as part of our care team helps ensure you receive care that is not only thorough and comprehensive, but also timely, as they are trained to provide a wide range of care under your physician's direction and supervision.
Physician Assistants
Kevin Bell, PA-C
Erin Bjorklund, NP
Jaimie Caiazzo, PA-C
Jenn Holt, PA-C
Nicole Kehrer, PA-C
Michelle Lewis, PA-C
Casey Shaw PA-C
Curt Stilp, PA-C
Patrick Thies, PA-C
Tommy Vu, PA-C